MCQs on Classification of Animals Short Questions and Answers

MCQs on Classification of Animals Short Questions and Answers

Classification of Animals – Definition

In classification of animals, the scientists classified different organisms into groups or sub-groups in order to study them easily. Animals are classified according to a system of seven ranks which are Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, genus and species as well.

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All of these Zoology MCQs are preferably for test / interview preparation for BSc, MSc, BS (Hons), NTS, FPSC, PPSC, PTS, CSS and all other competitive examination for foreign study including overseas students.

Classification of Animals MCQs (Short Questions and Answers)

Q1. The classification system in which animals are placed in two kingdoms was given by Robert Whittaker.   True/False

Answer: True

Q2. The two kingdoms system include kingdoms:

  1. Protoctista
  2. Animalia
  3. Both a,b
  4. Only b

Answer: c

Q3. Kingdom protoctista includes:

  1. Eukaryotes
  2. Multicellular organisms
  3. Porifera
  4. Protozoans

Answer: d

Q4. In kingdom Animalia ,animals are multicellular,diploid,prokaryotic and ingestive heterotrophs.    True/False

Answer: False (eukaryotic)

Q5. In kingdom Animalia,the animals developed from two dissimilar haploid gametes. The large gamete is called _____ and small gamete is called __________?

  1. Sperm,egg
  2. Egg,sperm
  3. Genome,ova
  4. none

Answer: b

Q6. Parazoa (phylum porifera) lack tissue organ organization,so they are asymmetrical.     True/False

Answer: True 

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Q7. To which kingdom the animals that have tissue organ and organ system organization are included?

  1. Protoctista
  2. Parazoa
  3. Eumetazoa
  4. All of the above

Answer: c

Q8. The animals with radial symmetry are included in the Radiata group of sub kingdom Eumetazoa .       True/False

Answer: True

Q9. Which phylum belongs to Radiata group of sub kingdom Eumetazoa?

  1. Platyhelminths
  2. Nematode
  3. Porifera
  4. Coelentrata(Cnidaria)

Answer: d

Q10. The animals which have bilateral symmetry are included in the Bilateria group of the sub kingdom Eumetazoa.       True/False

Answer: True

Q11. The acoelomate(without body cavity)animals are included in to which phylum?

  1. Cnidarian
  2. Platyhelminths
  3. Nematode
  4. Chordata

Answer: b

Q12. The false coelom animals are called pseudocoel and are included in the phylum chordata.     True/False

Answer: False (Nematoda)

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Q13.  Animals having true coelom are included in the phylum:

  1. Chordata
  2. Porifera
  3. Protozoa
  4. Nematode

Answer: a

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