MCQs on Connective Tissue Questions and Answers

MCQs on Connective Tissues Questions and Answers

Connective Tissue – Definition

Connective tissue is a type of tissue. In this type of tissue, there is a loose arrangement of cells and the cells are scattered in an extracellular matrix. This nonliving matrix consists of a web of fibers. The nature of this extracellular material determines the functional properties of the various connective tissue.

Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • Functions of connective tissue
  • Types of connective tissue

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Connective Tissues MCQs (Questions and Answers)

Q1.Name the tissue which has loose arrangement of cells?

  1. Connected tissue
  2. Epithelial tissue
  3. Muscles tissues
  4. Nerve tissues

Answer: a

Q2. In which tissue the cells are scattered in an extracellular matrix?

  1. Nerve tissue
  2. Epithelial tissue
  3. Connective tissues
  4. Muscles tissues

Answer: c

Q3. What is/are the main functions of connective tissue? 

  1. Bind other tissues
  2. Support other tissues
  3. Protects other tissues
  4. Both a and b

Answer: d

Q4. The major types of connective tissue are:

  1. Adipose tissue
  2. Fibrous tissue
  3. Cartilage, bone and blood
  4. All of the above

Answer: d

Q5. Which makes the loose connective tissue elastic?

  1. Collagens
  2. Tendons
  3. Ligaments
  4. Cartilage

Answer: a

Q6. The substance of the matrix is secreted by the cells of the connected tissue.                  True/false

Answer: True

Q7. The strong and flexible fibers of collagens are found in which type of connective tissue?

  1. Fibrous connective tissue
  2. Loose connective tissue
  3. Adipose tissue
  4. Cartilage

Answer: b

Q8. The functions of loose connective tissue include:

  1. Bind epithelia to underlying tissues
  2. As packing material to hold organ
  3. Connect bones to bones
  4. Both a and b

Answer: d

Q9. The collagen fibers are densely packed in _____________ connective tissue?

  1. loose
  2. adipose
  3. fibrous
  4. cartilage

Answer: c

Q10. Why fibrous connective tissues create very strong cords?

  1. They lie parallel to one another
  2. They connect muscles to bones or to other muscles
  3. They connect bones to bones
  4. All of the above

Answer: d

Q11. Ligaments connect muscles to bones or to other muscles.        True/False

Answer: False (Tendons)

Q12. Which fibrous connective tissue connect bones to bones?

  1. Tendons
  2. Ligaments
  3. Cartilage
  4. Bone

Answer: b

Q13. The type of loose connective tissue that store lipid is:

  1. Cartilage
  2. Bone
  3. Adipose tissue
  4. Blood

Answer: c

Q14. Loose connective tissue’s cells accumulate in large numbers to form fats.   True/False

Answer: False (Adipose tissue)

Q15.Cartilage is a hard flexible tissue that supports many structures.        True/False

Answer: True

Q16. Cartilage are present in the _________ ear.

  1. outer
  2. middle
  3. inner
  4. none

Answer: a

Q17. Adipose tissues form the entire skeleton of animals like sharks and rays.                                                                                                                                True/False

Answer: False (Cartilage)

Q18. The cartilage is composed of cells called:

  1. lacunae
  2. chondrocytes
  3. chondroblasts
  4. none

Answer: b

Q19. The spaces where the chondrocytes lie is called lacunae.              True/False

Answer: True

Q20. Bone cells are called:

  1. chondrocytes
  2. erythrocytes
  3. leukocytes
  4. osteocytes

Answer: d

Q21. Bone cells osteocytes lie within lacunae.                   True/False

Answer: True

Q22.The matrix which surrounds bone cells is heavily impregnated with________.

  1. calcium sulphate
  2. calcium phosphate
  3. calcium
  4. calcium carbonate

Answer: b

Q23. What is/are the functions of bone?

  1. Support
  2. Protection
  3. Transports substances
  4. both a and b

Answer: d

Q24. Blood is a connective tissue.        True/False

Answer: True

Q25. Bone has fluid called plasma.       True/False

Answer: False (Blood)

Q26. Which suspends specialized red and white blood cells and platelets?

  1. Plasma
  2. Blood
  3. Cartilage
  4. Bone

Answer: a

Q27. Which function is/are performed by blood connective tissue?

  1. Give strength
  2. Give elasticity
  3. Transports various substances  throughout the bodies of animals
  4. All of the above

Answer: c

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